Dimensions to consider

Dimensions to consider

Firstly, check the weight of each person who is likely to use the chair. Our standard maximum user weight is 19 stone / 120kg.

Measurement How to measure
Seat to floor (14″ to 22″)   9 choices The correct seat height can be calculated by measuring the distance from the floor to the crease at the back of the knees. When seated, the hips and knees should be at right angles whilst the person’s feet are flat on the floor (remember to wear usual footwear).
Seat Depth (17″ to 22″)   6 choices To calculate the correct seat depth, measure the distance from the back of the hips, along the thighs to approximately 1½” behind the back of the knees. When seated you should be able to place two fingers between the edge of the seat and the back of the knee.
Seat Width The correct seat width should be the width of the person’s hips plus a clenched fist on either side (approximately 3″).
Back Height (27″ to 33″)   7 choices Our standard back height is 30″.

Please click here to download our size chart.


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