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Charity Begins at Home

At the Wilcare Group we believe it important to give something back to the communities we serve and for us charity begins at home, or in our case our factory. Which is why we operate our own Wilcare Chair & Share Scheme.

Every year, we accumulate spare stocks of chairs which have been returned to base for whatever reason; they could have been damaged in transit, a cancelled order, or they could simply be discontinued ranges or in fabrics we no longer supply.

Rather than destroy, or just sell off the chairs we have lovingly made, we prefer to recycle them! They will be donated for free to people who are in need of a rise & recline chair, but for whatever reason are in no position to buy or have one purchased for them.

Under our Wilcare Chair & Share Scheme, all community project chairs are new old stock, and have undergone the same rigorous quality and safety checks as all brand new furniture that leaves our factory.  Any defects such as damaged fabric or legs for example are repaired and they are good to go!

There are no strings attached and all shipping and courier costs will be completely covered by Wilcare – this is a completely free donation.

Keep reading below to find out how you can nominate someone to receive once of these chairs…

“Our Chair & Share Scheme is very important to us, we believe in playing our part in our industry and society to help people in Britain less fortunate than ourselves. We look forward to receiving nominations and making a difference to people’s lives to the best of our ability.”

Anthony Kiff, Managing Director of Wilcare Group

What to do next

You might know someone who needs a new rise and recline chair and are in no position to afford one. It may be you know a care facility or community scheme run by volunteers in dire need of a new piece of furniture of this kind. Whatever the case please send your nomination to the Wilcare Community Project.

The Deadline

The deadline for our next round of applications to the scheme is April 28th 2017, so please be sure to send in your nomination soon. To nominate, simply tell us why you think the person should receive a chair and also what kind of chair is required.

How to enter

Please fill in the form below with your nomination in 300 words or less and be sure to send us your full contact details and the location of the person/establishment you are nominating. We do not require any photographs or other supporting information.

Chair and Share Nomination

Give us your nomination in 300 words or less and be sure to send us your full contact details and the location of the person/establishment you are nominating

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